Athlete of the Year: Giovani Sapien

Athlete of the Year: Giovani Sapien

By Danielle Scott Posted June 9, 2022

Many people at Lowry can say that they play or have played sports and even that they are pretty athletic but the student-athlete who can back up his academic and athletic experience in every class and every sport he plays.

Known by most as G, has risen above the opposing teams and set the bar high for others. He has played soccer, basketball, football, and track, he was a force to reckon within each.

Sports are made to be competitive and to be better than others but that doesn’t stop teams from forming friendships on and off the court, it’s one part of the game that Sapien enjoys.

“My freshman and sophomore years playing basketball were one of my favorite seasons throughout high school,” said Sapien. “Playing with some of my closest friends balling up with coach Beatty ending seasons with little to no losses.”

Along with basketball, Sapien excelled on the soccer field. In the summer of 2019 he was invited to play soccer in Europe. However, after consideration, he left soccer to pursue a position football team as a junior.

“My overall experience with soccer over my freshman and sophomore years was pretty great, I had lots of fun with all my teammates and loved playing with them every day,” said Sapien.” My expectations didn’t change much from previous years, I grew up wanting to play for coach Swanson and it was everything I thought it would be.”

After making the decision to play football instead of soccer in his junior year, he exceeded his coach’s expectations.

“I really enjoyed coaching G because of the excitement that he brought to every aspect of football,” said coach Taua Cabatbat. ”For never playing football before he was a quick learner, a hard worker, and was a great teammate that held himself and his teammates accountable, G was a special talent that will be missed on the field.”

Role models can have a big impact on our lives and the choices we make, for Sapien they set him up for success and his bright future to come.

“I believe that my parents have the biggest impact on me as a person, they grew me up with great morals and values and taught me that hard work pays off which has gotten me to a great spot in my life,” said Sapien.

Sapien has played basketball for over half his life and as a freshman and sophomore he was a post and guard on the JV team coached by Grant Beatty.

“My experience coaching Giovani was great, he’s an exceptional athlete and an outstanding competitor,” said Beatty. ”Giovani brought great intensity to practice and games; he really set the tone for the rest of the team, he led through his actions and wasn’t afraid to mix it up when needed. I think Giovani has a ton of potential and natural ability, one of the best athletes and competitors I’ve been able to coach.”

Even with his achievements in his other sports, Sapien also participated in track and field in his senior year.

“I have known Giovani since he was young and have always been very impressed by his athletic ability watching him play soccer, basketball, and football,” said track coach Byron Jeppsen. “However, this is the first year I have been involved with coaching him.”

Sapien has been successful in almost every sport he has played, including track and field. He has a strong athletic background and an athletic sense that helps him to constantly improve his performance.

“This is his first year doing high school track, he is currently competing in the high jump and 100-meter run,” said Jeppsen. “Although he is new to track he is very competitive and he placed 2nd in both events in our first meet.”

Senior year is important, it is supposed to prepare you for what is to come for the rest of your life.

“I feel that my senior year is going by way too fast, but I have had more fun in this one year alone than any of the years before,” said Sapien. ”Also, now that I have a direction of where I’m going in life I have the time to prepare myself for the future so I can start my life being the best I can be.”