Why are athletes held to higher standards?

Why are athletes held to higher standards?

By Josh Shaver Posted February 6, 2013

It isn’t fair that a kid who isn’t on a team can go out to a party and no one will think anything of it, but as soon as an athlete goes to a party everyone makes a big deal of it and they get in trouble. I think everyone should be held to the same standard.

I know that playing sports and all is a privilege but athletes need time to be kids also and enjoy their high school life with their friends.

In a small community, it feels like everyone knows everyone. A lot of people go to sporting events and watch the school athletes play. Athletes try to set examples for other little kids that have a future in playing sports.

“Since athletics are extracurricular and a privilege then they should be held to a higher standard because you agree to it and understand it as a part of participation. In addition, you represent your school and community when you put that uniform on,” said coach Ron Espinola. 

I believe the reason athletes are held to higher standards is that everyone is watching what we do and how we conduct ourselves.

After interviewing a number of athletes I think everyone agreed that we represent not only ourselves and our family but our school when we put the jersey on. It’s a privilege to be able to play sports and do what we do. Everyone who plays sports signs the NIAA contract and they should follow it.

There are so many different examples of this. Ray Lewis, 13 years ago,  was charged with murder but now people praise the man. A really good example right now would be Lance Armstrong. He was hands down the best bicyclist when we were racing and won seven Tours de France in a row. Now the truth finally came out that the whole time he was cheating by using performance-enhancing drugs and blood doping before every race.  If he wasn’t such a superstar not everyone would care as much and he would be let off.

Kobe Bryant a few years ago allegedly raped a 19-year-old girl and just because he’s such a superstar he got away with it. He paid his way out of it. It’s not right that the wealthy and the rich and famous can pay their way out of things. I’ve heard of many times when people that have a lot of money just paid their way out of trouble.

This can go both ways as you may see. Athletes are always being looked at to set examples. If you want to go have fun and you’re an athlete just make sure you do it in a smart way and not get in trouble so people can talk about you.