Why should students go to I.S.E.?

By Brody Goucher Posted October 1, 2013

Should students really have to attend I.S.E when they aren’t getting the help they need?

The program should be for students who want help, students who have below a 2.0 GPA or have an F in any class. What is the point of forcing students that have decent grades to go to an extra class?

If anything, students are going to do worse after a class of sitting and doing nothing for an entire hour.

Students coming out of I.S.E will not be as prepared as they could be because the teachers that are assigned to oversee subjects that are not their own are hurting themselves and the students because they are unable to provide the help necessary to help the students succeed.

Not only is this program stressing out students, but it’s also stressing out teachers. Teachers are being overloaded with students who need assistance that they can’t give.

A possible solution is to require students who have a 2.0 or lower to attend the same class on Thursdays. The teachers who won’t have to attend study hall or other activities will be able to help the students with the subject they need tutoring in.

Students who are not struggling, should be given an early lunch and be rewarded for their good work instead of punished for other students’ mistakes.