Work hard, play harder; JV boy’s soccer

Work hard, play harder; JV boy’s soccer

By Alexis Galarza Posted March 19, 2021

The boys on the JV soccer team have been working hard during practices to strive for wins.

This weekend the boy’s JV soccer team traveled to Elko. They ended up losing 4-1.

Although the boys have not won a game yet, their work ethic shines through.
“The team is good at not giving up,” said Ashton Mullis.

Mullis is a freshman who plays as a forward. As a forward Mullis is responsible for shooting the ball into the goal and making it past the opposing team’s defense.

With this season being cut so short, the JV boy’s soccer team did not have a lot of time to prepare. However, they are getting more in the loop with the more games they play.

“Practices become more consistent as we play more games, and it gets easier to work as a team,” said Mullis.

Practices don’t function very differently, but the players and coaches now have to wear masks for the safety of the players.

“We still practice the same way we used to but now we have to wear masks, and our parents can’t come to away games,” said Erick Bergenheier.

Bergenheier is currently a sophomore and the goalkeeper for the JV team. Bergenheier uses his practice time as a way to improve the skills he personally needs to work on.

“Practices make me a better player because the more skills a player has the more they can do,” said Bergenheier.

Danny Castaneda also believes that practice is the best way to prepare for games, and is how the team can improve the most.

In soccer practice, Bergenheier likes having his teammates shoot at him so he can practice positioning himself in the correct spot in order to stop the goal from happening.

A goal both Bergenheier and Mullis have in common is wanting to better themselves as players. Whilst Bergenheier is trying to improve his goalkeeping skills, Mullis is trying to better himself so he can accomplish his goal of making varsity next year.

This season Castaneda wants more than just to win games.

“I am looking forward to more than just winning games like everyone else in the league,” said Castaneda. “I am also looking forward to making myself a better player than I was in my past years of playing soccer.”

Castaneda’s position in soccer is as a right winger. In soccer, right wingers are good at playing defense and scoring.

Catch the boys soccer JV team playing next at Fernley High School on March 26.

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