Wrestlers ready to battle

Wrestlers ready to battle

By Yizel Martinez

As winter sports start neighboring, this means coaches start to prepare for the upcoming wrestling season.

There are always high expectations when athletes enter the wrestling room.

“My expectations for this year are to stay healthy, win some matches, and bring home a team state championship,” said Chris Gildone who won his weight class at the Cody Louk Invitational. 

As coaches prepare, so do athletes. Wrestler Maddex Hislop is preparing for the upcoming season and is ready to tackle the wrestling challenges. 

“I’m excited because it is a sport that I can be my best in and meet new people,” said Hislop. “ We have good wrestlers that make the team very competitive so I’m very excited to team bond.”

Hislop said there are multiple reasons as to why he has chosen to take the wrestling path.

“It is an individual sport where everything rests on me,” said Hislop. “I can’t blame anyone else for messing up but myself. I’ve been doing it since I was five so I’m ready to make the kids count lights.”

Lowry wrestling has a long and exceptional history. The experience goes beyond just being on a team according to senior Billy DeLong.

“The reason I wrestle is because it teaches you discipline, builds character, and makes you learn how to push beyond what you think your limits are,” said DeLong.

Coach John Brooks also started to prepare himself and the students who will participate in the sport. 

“We usually start off the season with the idea of winning championships and realizing the intention of that,” said Brooks, “It’s always a mystery because you never know who is coming back and who’s not, but we do have some good wrestlers coming back.”

Roster: Brogan Atkins, Jakob Bauman, Dante Bautista, Pete Bengochea, Isaiah Chavez, Urijah Davis, William DeLong, Bosten Dennis, Isaac dini, Landon Esquivel, Luke Fentress, Jared Foy, Christopher Gildone, Kruz Gomez, Jhett Harber, Gabriel Hernandez, Maddex Hislop, Jayden Howard, Alessandro Huerta, Michael Hunter, Nathan Jeffries, Trenten Johnson, Logan Jonas, Edward Jones, Elijah Lange, Terrance Mattson, Andrew Mendoza, Brayden Mezenen-Dennis, Giovanni Monroy Torres, Bailey Peterson, Marcas Ricci, Bradyn Snyder, Kaszin Velasco.