Wyatt’s little problems

Wyatt’s little problems

By Wyatt Lester Posted April 18, 2012

In America we all have so many problems. Or do we? We tend to make problems up, but in the end, they’re not that bad. I like to call these “American problems”. In some countries, they wake up one morning and some dictator wants to cut all their heads off because he’s having a bad day. That’s what a real problem is.

Here we get mad at our phones for not loading a five-minute video in 10 seconds. Just calm down….it has to receive a signal from space and back. Your human body will never go to the heights of space because you are impatient and can’t appreciate this amazing technology. You also probably can’t even imagine the waves of information that swirl around you and your amazing iPhone. It’s collecting all this information that you could never begin to understand.

We like to complain about things a lot. School is one thing that most kids hate. Even if there are a small number of people who actually do enjoy school, they are still outnumbered by the mass of students who will do anything to get out of school for a day. Now just think. In some countries, there are no schools and people don’t have access to education. Here we get it for free and it’s not just an elementary education. It’s a full-blown all the way to high school diploma-free ride that can land you a great job to provide for your family. So the next time you’re suffering in a classroom think of all those kids who can’t receive an education like yourself.

Also, we need to stop putting so much work off. We tend to procrastinate so much. These little American problems tend to lead to worldly problems. Things like the American debt to China. Personally, I don’t like China having a hold on us like that. One of these days they’re going to call in all that cash and we’ll be trying to say, “Well we’ll pay the rent next month if that’s cool.” Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. They’re going to have a leash on us and they’re going to walk us around the block like their little Shi Tzu dogs that come from China.

These are only a few “American problems” that surround our lives every day. You could be in a developing country with no food, no family, and no education so the next time you’re facing these problems, just think that maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

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