AOI: Bryan Noble, The Man of Mystery

AOI: Bryan Noble, The Man of Mystery

By Calvin Connors Posted April 18, 2012

Bryan Noble (Nobes) hangs out in the Senior Hall where he posts up across the boy’s bathroom. When you see Bryan you see no expression on his face, you notice a look in his eyes that gives off a silent vibe of swagger. People who know Nobes understand that he is a great athlete and a great person who won’t make fun of anyone when the people who surround him are making fun of a specific person. He sees people for who they are, not what other people view them as.

Bryan lived in Ridgecrest, California until he was about seven or eight he moved to Winnemucca. Ridgecrest is in the middle of the Mojave Desert where the temperature would reach up to 120 °F in July; Bryan had never seen snow before he moved to Winnemucca. In the second grade is when he first played football for coach Tim Billingsley in the Pop Warner League. Nobes played soccer, basketball, baseball, and football growing up; he enjoyed going outside and playing any sport with his friends.

“I remember being outside with my friends, we would explore or maybe go swimming,” said Noble

When Bryan moved back to Winnemucca he remembers making friends really fast with Jace Billingsley, they both attended Sonoma Heights Elementary School, their friendship continues to this day. Bryan said his greatest childhood memory was his last year of football in the Jr. League when they went undefeated, he said they felt like that was as good as it gets until they reached high school.

“I made friends with Jace pretty quickly, and everybody on my first football team like Gus (Duncan), Johnny, Cole (Hatcher), and Michael (Billingsley) among many others,” said Bryan.

As a freshman Bryan made the JV football team, he started as a linebacker, tight end, and kicker. Nobes played alongside his childhood friends who also made JV as freshmen, Hernandez, Duncan, Hatcher, and Jace Billingsley.

Bryan made the freshmen basketball team where he was coached by Mr. Taua Cabatbat.

Noble made the varsity baseball team as a freshman and has been the number one pitcher for the Buckaroos since his freshman year. Bryan has been on the Varsity football team since his sophomore year and been on the varsity basketball team since his junior year. On any bus ride to a sporting event Nobes puts in his headphones and reads a book the entire trip, he has many favorite quotes but his favorite is; “It is always dark right before the dawn.”

Bryan has made a huge impact in Lowry Athletics, he has many individual awards and records. Noble has a career record of 20-8 as a pitcher which ties him 8th all-time in Nevada history. He was named 3A Defensive Player of The Year as a Linebacker his senior season as well as being the Defensive MVP, voted by the coaching staff at Lowry.

Bryan Made the varsity basketball team his senior season but was sidelined due to a foot injury. He has had a good baseball season so far with a 4-2 record as a pitcher, and a .400 batting average. Throughout his four seasons on the Varsity baseball team his first three years he has been named as a Second Team Pitcher All-League, First Team Pitcher All-League twice, he is also a three-time Academic State Champion. Bryan says his senior year has been incredible due to the great fans at all the sporting events and also just being around his friends.

Bryan’s future plans consist of playing baseball at Whitworth University or Linfield College. He plans on getting his Engineering Degree and sees himself either coming back to Winnemucca or staying in the West.

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