Alec Mayo, Mr. Lowry for the second year

Alec Mayo, Mr. Lowry for the second year

By Taylor LaTray Posted February 15, 2012

Winterfest hosted its annual Mr. Lowry contest this last week, where our men of Lowry compete with any talents for the title of Mr.Lowry. This year was a grand turnout, filling almost the entire auditorium. The dance team chose to ask each of the seven contestants questions, followed by a dance competition where they boogied to two random songs for the people’s vote. After these two parts of the contest, the boys showed off the real reason they were there with their personal talents.

“I thought it was really funny and it seemed like all of the boys up on stage enjoyed themselves as much as the audience did. Alec Mayo was my personal favorite. he just has a way of making anyone laugh and he was just really funny to watch,” said Jennae Johnson.

The competitors consisted of all grades with a mixture of odd entertaining talents. Jonathan Landa, Cody Andersen, Blake Hilyer, Tytin Johnson, Eman Eizeinga, Michael Drake, and defending champion Alec Mayo. The auditorium was filled with laughs and smiles as Lowry’s finest embarrassed themselves on stage.

Many of the acts included stand-up comedy performances by Alec Mayo and Blake Hilyer, a beatboxing show from Jonathan Landa. However, that was not the best of the night; Cody Andersen gave the boys in the crowd ‘A Man’s Guide to Dancing’, while Michael Drake played his guitar and showed the crowd he deserves a chance on American Idol. Eman Eizenga displayed his talents of naming all 151 pokemon in order, while Tytin Johnson got the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs while the lights were down and you only could see a dancing glow stick figure.

The winner of this contest was no surprise with the way he got the crowd up out of their seat laughing. He gave his stand-up comedy performance based on ‘The wild man’ and how Beau Billingsley grew a spine enough to punch him, with additional applause to Lane Mentaberry included. Alec utilized the stage with his humor giving him his second Mr.Lowry title. Jonathan Landa also placed runner-up with his performance. Will Alec receive his third title next year? Or will someone step up to give him a run for his money.