Books vs Movies

By Aimee Brandon Posted April 28, 2014

Books strengthen the mind and creative imagination, yet they take at least a day to read. While movies on the other hand take two or three hours. So which is better? Books being the hundreds of pieces of paper you hold in your hands with words covering the pages are fantastic. Through reading you have the opportunity to learn new words with which electronic books, e-books, come in handy. When reading most e-books you can simply click a word and have the definition. Regardless of this positive of e-books, I will never cease to prefer paper books. Despite what form they come in books will always trump movies.

Books have so much detail and the words are carefully articulated to create feelings in the reader. I will give movies credit for their ability to bring words to life in props and costumes if done properly. Though a book can capture thoughts and feelings in a way movie simply cannot.
If I personally had the choice between reading a good book for three hours or watching a movie, I would choose the book almost every day. Although movies allow relaxation so do books.

Until the day I die, I will be holding a paper book in my hand because books are better than movies.