The heroes of He-Man

The heroes of He-Man

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 12, 2011

He-man was held late Wednesday night as part of our homecoming enjoyment. Many ‘hairy sexy legs’ participated in the school event, where the seniors proved themselves the champions.

The first game played was the Freshmen vs. Juniors. The juniors started the game fresh, dominating the freshmen until the freshmen suddenly made a comeback. When it came down to the final few points of the game, it became war. Juniors were winning 24-23 at game point. The freshmen were not going down easy and tied the upperclassmen. The tie and one-point lead dragged on with a series of intense hits. However, the juniors came out on top 29-27.

“Juniors finally got their first phenomenal win and we are now 1-5, this was the best victory in my career and I’m surprised I haven’t been fired after my previous losses,” said coach Brian Mr. Nickish.

Now the seniors would face the sophomores to determine who would play the juniors for the overall win. The game was well played and very close, neither team had more than a three-point lead at any point. The juniors would end up defeating the sophomores but it was not due to their hard-hitting hits, the sophomores had incredible teamwork blocking almost all hits. The game came down to 22-22 when the sophomores scored the leading point, only to have the seniors tie them again. The lower classmen would then score again for the lead, only to have the point taken from them and given to the upperclassmen who came out with the win 25-23.

“Word. We came out, did work, we did what we did, we do what we do, you can’t mess with the class of 2-0-1-2, word,” said Johnny Hernandez.

The losers are now to face off in the third game. The sophomores dominated the freshmen 25-5 putting them to shame.

Finally, our seniors and juniors compete for the win. Eastman’s serves were killer leading them to their He-man victory with a score of 25-13.

The seniors were not to win so easily, it was decided that all attending faculty members were to play the seniors. Several faculty members stepped up to the plate. They gave the seniors a run for their money and were tough competition. However, the seniors still won 25-22.