A dance to remember

A dance to remember

By Mary Granath Posted October 22, 2008

Lowry students enjoy themselves at the Homecoming dance.

Students eagerly waited outside Lowry High School gym in the cool October evening for the clock to strike 8:30 p.m.

“I was excited to get inside and dance the night away,” confessed senior Jayme Poole. The reward was well worth the wait.

The gym had an array of decorations however there was no theme. “We try to keep it [decorations] simple yet fun for the kids,” stated teacher Marie-Jeanne Dawson. West Coast Entertainment provided the music and the DJ for the night. There were some classic songs such as “Cotton Eyed Joe” and “Sandstorm”; but there were some unfamiliar songs as well.

Line dancing to “Cotton Eyed Joe”. /Mary Granath • The Brand
Line dancing to “Cotton Eyed Joe”. /Mary Granath • The Brand

Throughout the dance, students recalled their favorite memories from the week.

“The homecoming pep assembly on Friday was amazing,” declared junior Suzi Jones.

Senior Tim Principe said his favorite part of the week was Color War Day, “Because it seemed like everyone participated.”

Homecoming for the seniors was even more meaningful because it was their last homecoming at Lowry. “Knowing that I got to spend my last homecoming with my friends was amazing, even though I was sad when it was over,” admitted Poole.

Homecoming 2008 has officially come to an end, but it was certainly one to remember.

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