Homecoming Week activities

Homecoming Week activities

By Amy Balagna, Mallorie Leal, and Esmeralda Aguilar Posted October, 22, 2008

“Drag Fernley around cuz this is our town,” was this year’s Homecoming theme. Walking in the Lowry halls this week was a sight to see; there were different colors, hobos, crazy hair, and blue and gold everywhere. The dress-up days at Lowry were taken very seriously, each day students and teachers took part to make sure they showed their spirit.

Powderpuff’s “Queen” candidates Brandon Eldodt, Mateo Echeverria, and Gerardo Covarrubias. (Top Left); Adam Serfoss went all out for Hobo Day (Top Right); Mrs. Corak performing “Thriller” (Bottom Left). The seniors weren’t shy about voicing their spirit at Friday’s assembly (Bottom Right).

Monday was Color War Day; every class had a different color to represent. Each class came up with creative ways to show off their chosen color. Tuesday the halls were filled with dirty, rugged, and shabby-looking hobos, for Hobo Day. Wednesday’s dress-up day was easy since it was Pajama Day.

Insane hair and mismatching clothes were the style for Thursday and could only mean Crazy Hair and Clash Day. To support our Bucks, Friday was Blue and Gold Day. Students and teachers took part in showing off Lowry’s colors.

Class rivalries are not uncommon, but during Homecoming the rivalries usually escalate. Lunchtime activities certainly added to the competitiveness of 2008’s Homecoming week.

Monday the sophomores won the Explore Your Inner Egyptian competition. They were the fastest class to build a six-person pyramid.

On Tuesday, the competition was Find Your Sole. The sophomore team won again as they were the quickest to find each other’s shoes.

On Wednesday, the seniors broke the sophomore winning streak in the Drag Em’ Around activity. In a close race, the seniors edged the juniors in dragging a teammate through an obstacle course.

The juniors broke through with a win in Friday’s Defend Your Sphere. The objective of the game was to defend their class balloon while trying to knock off the other classes’ balloons.

Monday’s pep assembly was a hit with the crowd. Homecoming king candidates Collin Messerly, Trevor Grant, and Derrick Macliz, along with queen candidates Morgen Thacker, Stevie Hamilton, and Sophie Kristof, were announced to four, wildly cheering classes.

The shopping cart-float parade was a highlight of Friday’s pep assembly. Both clubs and classes participated in a competition that inspired no end of intuitive designs. The assembly ended with a surprise from some of Lowry’s favorite ladies. Students were amazed to see faculty members Janet Kennedy, Marie-Jeanne Dawson, and other Lowry teachers and faculty dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in zombie garb. Kennedy pulled senior Jamie Walton into the fray, and the gym floor soon filled with students and faculty grooving to the smooth tunes of Michael Jackson. After the dancing was over, the pep assembly concluded with point announcements and students left the gym in high spirits, excited to finish out their Homecoming week.

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