Adajah Milam shines on cheer squad

Adajah Milam shines on cheer squad

By Alexis Galarza

Adajah Milam has been participating in the Lowry cheer team for two years. She joined her sophomore year and earned a place on the varsity quad. For Milam, the best part of cheering is the crowd interaction. 

“My favorite part about cheer is being able to raise the crowd’s spirit up and to motivate the players I enjoy talking and bonding with the girls on the team,” said Milam. 

Milam values basketball and football games. She takes charge of encouraging the players during away games. 

“Traveling with basketball/football is especially exciting for me and the other girls on the team,” said Milam. “It’s important to Hype up the crowds especially for away games because we don’t have a student section.”

Ms. Cherese Fifield notices Milam’s hard work that she puts into being captain. 

“Adajah is a two-year varsity cheerleader,” said Fifield. “Adajah is one of our varsity cheer captains. She is creative, strong, and works well with her teammates.”

However, being captain comes with more responsibilities. 

“As a captain, I have a say in most of the things we do, like stunts, chants, performances, and hairstyles,” said Milam. “To be Captain I became more responsible and I had to be in charge of banners, dances, chants, etc.,” 

Milam enjoys the atmosphere of cheerleading, but sometimes the environment causes her stress levels to rise. 

“The hardest thing is to not get frustrated when cheering and stunting,” said Milam. 

However, Fifield notices how well Milam can handle the stress and continue to be a leader. 

Adajah supports the flyer by her ankles in the middle of a big stunt./ Alexis Galarza • The Brand
Adajah supports the flyer by her ankles in the middle of a big stunt./ Alexis Galarza • The Brand

“One of her best qualities is that she is very determined. Adajah wants to better herself and those around her,” said Fifield.

Being on the sidelines of games is so exciting for Milam. 

“When on the sideline I am mostly excited about the game and sharing,” said Milam. 

However, there is added chaos and lots of loud noise. As a captain, Milam has to call out cheers which sometimes can be difficult to do.

“Sometimes it is difficult to call chants especially when it is really loud because not everyone can hear me,” said Milam. “There are general, offense and defense chants.”

Fifield can attest that Milam handles the chaos of the sidelines with ease. 

“She is always wanting to try new things and is willing to do whatever we ask of her,” said Fifield. “Adajah is very strong in her chants, sidelines, dances, and stunting. Her ability to help those around her learn and improve is one thing that makes our squad united.”

Milam believes that a strong team bond and communication are the keys to a successful cheer team. 

“If you do get frustrated, talk to the coach or someone on the team because this can affect the whole team’s mood and attitude.”

If Milam could give any advice to future cheerleaders it would be to pay close attention to the nuances of the game. 

“I would also say to really pay attention to the game so you know if we are on offense or defense, who has the ball, and when the timeouts are called,” said Milam.