Donna Johnson strives to create unique art

Donna Johnson strives to create unique art

By Eli Long

Donna Johnson was chosen by Ms. Julia Topholm to be the artist of the issue this time around. 

Topholm has noticed Johnson’s dedication to her project, and she understands what Johnson does with the project to create them. As well as helping her classmates with their projects. 

“She has a strong understanding of multiple sculpture media and is a great resource for her fellow classmates,” said Topholm.

Johnson has liked art which shows through her work as well in class. She doesn’t mind working with her classmates. She put her time and effort into making her project in and outside of school.

“It’s really fun and I like the fact that there is no limitation,” said Johnson. “I also like working with the different materials in class. I like working with the people in my class.”

Johnson likes being in Ms Topholm’s class. Johnson likes the way Topholm teaches the class. 

“She is a good teacher, I like most of her lessons and they make a lot of sense to me,” said Johnson.

Donna Johnson. /Winnada via Cripps Photography 
Donna Johnson. /Winnada via Cripps Photography 

Johnson not only does her work in school she also does it outside of school. Johnson does her art outside of school. She uses it as an escape from school or life sometimes. She does not only keep the work for herself she makes things for her friends and family as well. 

“I tend to make things for people in my house,” said Johnson. “I like making things for people because it allows me to escape from things from time to time.”

Johnson works hard in and outside of school. She shows dedication to her school work and artwork no matter what Johnson still finds a way in her artwork.

“I like working on my pieces it fun and allows me to not think of things no matter what going on,” said Donna Johnson.”