After 18 years, Mr. Gibson is leaving Lowry

After 18 years, Mr. Gibson is leaving Lowry

By Marc Esquivel Posted April 20, 2011

Almost 18 years ago, a man most of the students at Lowry know as Mr. Jonathan Gibson walked through the doors of the glass hallway and changed the lives of many students that have ever walked through the halls of Lowry.

Gibson was born and raised in a city that he would describe as “totally different” from Winnemucca.

“San Diego was great, I grew up on an avocado orchard,” said Gibson, “The sports were incredible and intense. Winnemucca is a completely different lifestyle.”

Gibson attended Granite Hills High School in San Diego and enjoyed living in the warm, sunny California climate, but he said that he loves Winnemucca just the same.

“Winnemucca is a fantastic place to raise my children and a place I’ve dearly loved,” said Gibson, “[Winnemucca and San Diego] don’t compare.”

After Gibson graduated as a junior from Granite Hills, he went on to attend Dixie College in Utah, Brigham Young University, and Boise St. University. Gibson never intended on becoming a school teacher and actually swore that he never would. However, when Gibson became a teacher, he realized that there were many good things to accomplish and many things to teach the youth.

“The students helped me to learn, they taught me how to listen, how to care, and how to be a better husband, father, son, and teacher,” said Gibson.

At Lowry, Gibson has taught several classes and has dealt with many students. He teaches Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Spanish Literature and Philosophy, ESL, and a before school study hall called “Zero Hour”. He is also a co-advisor for Lowry’s Hispanic Organization, and he has also been known to help translate for the community on his own time. Gibson has been a big contribution at Lowry and now is leaving Winnemucca to help the students of Carson.

“I like to tell my students that they need to be able to take the opportunities when they are presented and have the courage to make things happen,” said Gibson, “This is an opportunity that’s been presented to me.”

Gibson advises the students to have a good attitude and make good choices now that he is leaving, and he also advises the students to focus on the things that they will be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives, the real education. He is still very much involved with the students at Lowry and hopes to see them go on and be the people they want to be.

To commemorate Gibson’s time at Lowry, the Hispanic Organization put on an event where the staff and students could thank Gibson and give him one last goodbye before he departed.

After a long, enjoyable career in Winnemucca, Gibson’s time at Lowry has come to an end. Although many teachers will pass through Lowry replacing his position, there will always only be one Gibson. From the people of Winnemucca and the students at Lowry who Gibson has had an impact on, thank you for your stories, your teaching, the lectures, the help, and above all, thanks for the time, Gibson. 

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