Health tips from Mr. Cabatbat

Health tips from Mr. Cabatbat

By Marc Esquivel Posted April 20, 2011

Look better. Feel better. And it will be better.” These are one of the many helpful health tips that Lowry’s P.E. and weights coach, Mr. Taua Cabatbat, has to offer to the students of Lowry.

According to many recent studies coordinated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the obesity rate in young adults has spiked over the past decade. Obesity poses many health problems for the future, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Being obese also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

“[Being obese] is the reason that many people aren’t living as long as they’re supposed to,” says Cabatbat. “Eating healthy and keeping active is very important to leading a healthy lifestyle.”

By eating healthy, Cabatbat says that cutting out foods such as candy bars, Monsters, and high-fat products will help you lead a healthier lifestyle

“A lot of kids these days just live on Monsters and candy bars, and by cutting those things out of your diet, you can develop healthy eating habits and live longer,” saidCabatbat.

As for keeping active, Mr. Cabatbat suggests just doing simple things that can help you keep active such as walking to school if you don’t live too far away, or doing crunches and pushups between commercials while watching TV at home.

Lydia Covarrubias demonstrates some of the exercises Mr. Cabatbat recommends to stay healthy. /Marc Esquivel • The Brand
Lydia Covarrubias demonstrates some of the exercises Mr. Cabatbat recommends to stay healthy. /Marc Esquivel • The Brand

So here are some other tips that Cabatbat has for any student looking to get into shape:

Tip 1: Eat healthily.

Tip 2: Get in at least 20 minutes of cardio three times a week.

Tip 3: When you are doing your cardio don’t be satisfied with doing the minimum, always push yourself to be better.

“The bottom line is that everyone complains about those love handles and that extra jelly roll,” said Cabatbat. “But if you aren’t doing anything about it don’t complain. If you work hard to lose weight and look good, you will start to feel better also.”

It’s up to you to follow these tips and lead a healthier lifestyle and to help those students that are just starting to try leading a healthier lifestyle, here is a workout designed by Mr. Cabatbat himself to help you achieve your fitness goals.

100 crunches
100 pushups (modified or normal)
100 squats (half or full)
20-40 minutes walk, jog, or run.

Now Cabatbat’s last tip for helping you achieve those goals is, “Don’t sing it, bring it!”

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