Lowry holds freshmen Open House

Lowry holds freshmen Open House

By Maria-Elise Kitras Posted April 20, 2011

The freshmen night program was a successful event. Teachers from the fields of math, science, and technological classes spoke to the incoming freshmen about their assigned subjects. Parents and students were given the opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns. The topics of advisory and round-up were also addressed and discussed during the night. After the assembly, parents and students had the chance to talk more on a one-to-one basis with some of Lowry’s teachers about the school and classes.

When asked whether the assembly had answered her questions or not, junior high student, Sabrina Jensen said, “It gave me a clear picture of what I need to be doing [for] the next four years.”

When asked how she felt about coming to high school next year, Aurianna Criddle replied, “I’m kind of scared.” Such feelings are typical for eighth graders entering high school. The Junior High is a school much different from Lowry. According to Jensen, though, it is better.“I love the Junior High but I think [Lowry] it’s better because it’s bigger and there’re more opportunities,” Jensen said.

In addition to the normal jitters that can accompany coming to high school, many eighth-graders are also excited to become freshmen. Besides feeling the elation of moving up a grade, some eighth graders know that coming to Lowry is an important change in their lives.

Criddle said, “All your big choices of your whole entire life are made now; it’s never going to be the same again.” 

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