Andy Rorex: The new sergeant in town

Andy Rorex: The new sergeant in town

By Mallorie Leal Posted April 29, 2009

Most people are inspired by acts of kindness. However, Sergeant Andy Rorex was inspired by a horrible incident that happened in his college days. Rorex wasn’t motivated by the crime he witnessed, but by the police officer that helped him get through it.

“I told that officer that one day I would pay back the good he had done for me, I’ve paid that forward numerous times”, said Rorex referring to why he got into law enforcement. 

On Thursday, a special guest speaker arrived in Mr. Ron Espinola’s first-period Business and Personal Law class. This special guest was Rorex. He is not only Mrs. Courtney Rorex’s husband but a law officer for our community.

Rorex came to speak to the law class on subjects having to do with law and even a bit more personal topics. Students had already prepared a list of questions for Rorex, such as whether he preferred waffles to pancakes.

Law enforcement to Rorex isn’t just about writing people tickets or dealing with dangerous situations. To him, it’s all about helping people. Rorex ignores the resentment some people have for cops. He said, “I don’t care if they hate me, if they call us we will be there no matter what”.

Rorex referred to this theory on how he looks at his job, “Law enforcement is like a sheepdog, everyone looks down on him till the wolves come, and then he is the hero. That’s just their job; to protect the sheep and that’s what we do too”.

Rorex helped the students not only understand why police are necessary but also the benefits of having people around who care enough to make sure everything is done safely.

Before leaving Sgt. Rorex left us with these words of wisdom, “Be safe, do something with your lives and life is too short to take seriously, just enjoy it”. Rorex had a positive effect on the first period Business and Personal Law class, and his taser stories weren’t a bad addition either.

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