Athlete of the Issue: Taylor Schwartz

Athlete of the Issue: Taylor Schwartz

By Josh Shaver Posted December 12, 2012

Taylor Schwartz, a junior at Lowry, is a student-athlete that participates in sports such as basketball and softball. If you saw her strolling through the halls you wouldn’t look at her as an athlete. She is one of the quietest people in the school and mainly just keeps to herself.

Taylor will be returning to this year’s girls’ varsity basketball team and will be hoping to lead them to the playoff and hopefully a state championship.

“Every time I play a game or am I practice I go a hundred percent,” said Schwartz.

Out of basketball and softball, Taylor couldn’t decide what her favorite is she loves them both equally.

“I’ve never really been able to decide on which I like better. I’ve been around them both all my life,” said Schwartz.

She was moved up to varsity in both her freshman and sophomore year for softball for the playoffs. Taylor plays first base and is also a pitcher. She is left-handed so that is a very cool thing and sometimes throws people off.

In basketball, she plays post and was on varsity as a sophomore and made the team this year as well. Taylor’s best memory from basketball was her freshman year when she was on junior varsity.

“We had to run a minute forty-five drills because I missed a free throw,” said Schwartz

Her role model is her dad. Dave has always supported her when she was growing up and has gone to every event possible. Her dad taught her how to play basketball and still works on her game whenever she feels the need to.

“My dad is a great basketball player and he always can help me when something isn’t going right,” said Schwartz.

When she isn’t playing sports she likes to hang out with friends and watch movies. She enjoys spending time with her family also.

“Every now in then I like to be able to just hang out and not worry about playing basketball or softball,” said Schwartz.

After being asked what advice she would give to upcoming student-athletes she said, “Work as hard as possible this might be the last time you ever get the chance to play sports, and don’t make the upperclassmen mad.”