Athlete of the Week: Cortney Kieser

Athlete of the Week: Cortney Kieser

By Megan Griggs Posted November 15, 2009

This year the girl’s golf team did exceptionally well in most of its tournaments. One girl in particular though did a great job all year, freshman Cortney Kieser stood out above the rest.

Kieser has lived in small-town Winnemucca her whole life, and wouldn’t change a thing. From a young age, Kieser has been surrounded by golf, her dad is a golf pro at the Winnemucca Municipal Golf Course, and her sister also plays golf for Lowry.

Even from a young age, Kieser knew that she wanted to play golf. She spent many hours as a kid on the golf course; even now a good chunk of Kieser’s time is spent on the green. Just like anything else in life her hard work and dedication to her sport has paid off in a big way.

Some of Kieser’s achievements include being chosen as All-State golfer of the year, which is an award given to a person who stands out above the rest for their accomplishments in golf. Winning this award says a lot about how good Kieser really is. There are a multitude of girls in Nevada who can be chosen for the award and one of Lowry’s Lady Bucks received the title.

Kieser also took fourth place at state, in Boulder City. About 40 girls competed from four different teams, finishing fourth shows just how talented Cortney is.

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