Athlete of the Year: Alex Schirrick

Athlete of the Year: Alex Schirrick

By Jessie Schirrick Posted May 29, 2013

Alex Schirrick, a role model for all young aspiring athletes, a cheerleader, and a track star, has been selected 2012-2013 Athlete of the Year.

Not only is she an all-star athlete but she maintains a 4.0 GPA and is an active member of the National Honor society. You can also find her in the weight room lifting just about as much as half the boys.

“I’ve always tried to get involved in as many things as I can,” said Schirrick.

She has been a varsity athlete since her sophomore year. In cheerleading, she was a highly advanced flyer and her team took 2nd in competition her sophomore year. She made the All-American UCA cheer squad in 2011. In track, she participates in relays and sprints. Her relay team took 4th in State for the 4 x 200, her relay team took 6th and 7th for the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 200, respectively, and she took 7th in the state for the 100-meter dash her junior year. She was also awarded Sprinter of the Year in 2012.

Schirrick has been a cheerleader since she was just a child.

“I started cheerleading when I was in first grade on the NNC All-Star Team, and I made the Senior elite squad by the time I was in fourth grade. I continued doing cheer throughout Junior High and all through High School. I was first introduced to track in elementary school when we had track days. I won the 800-meter and set a record in the long jump. I also did track in junior high and all throughout high school,” said Schirrick.

Alex Schirrick comes from a long line of cheerleaders as her two older sisters were also on the Lowry team.

“Watching my older sisters is what inspired me to get involved,” said Schirrick.

Her advice for other cheerleaders is to have fun because it goes by really fast.

She is the first of her family to do track and says her enthusiasm for the sport has always been influenced by Olympic runners.

Her favorite high school sports memory was getting 5th at Zone her junior year because it allowed her to compete at state as an individual which had been a goal of hers since she was a Freshman. Her least favorite memory is cheerleading morning practices for the Homecoming and Winterfest performances.

She prefers Track over cheerleading because it better fulfills her competitive drive.

“My coaches have taught me a lot about working with others and striving for success,” said Schirrick.

Although her future plans do not include pursuing an athletic career, she has a promising future in Nursing by attending UNR.

“Because Nursing requires a lot of hard work, I need to focus on my academics. Getting my degree is very important to me,” said Schirrick.