Athlete of the Year: Michael Billingsley

Athlete of the Year: Michael Billingsley

By Weston Irons Posted May 29, 2013

Michael Billingsley; the second wrestler in Lowry history to win four individual state championships, was All-State for football and is just an all-around solid athlete. He excels in sports and also in school, making him the Athlete of the Year, a title that he has earned.

So far Michael’s senior year has been great. He’s added to his list of sports accomplishments as well as received multiple academic awards.

“My year has been pretty ideal. I got All-State in football, our wrestling team won another state championship and I won another individual wrestling championship and so has my brother,” said Billingsley.

Michael’s biggest accomplishment has been in wrestling this year. He has four individual wrestling titles and was on a wrestling team that has won five straight championships.

Michael has made many new friends and teammates in his four years of high school. He gives a lot of credit to them for helping him accomplish what he has.

“Without the teammates, I’ve had there’s no way that I would be able to accomplish what I have, especially in the wrestling room we all push each other really hard,” said Billingsley.

Something Michael is really going to miss about playing sports for Lowry is the people who come and watch and support him as well as his teammates.

“I’m going to miss the closeness of the town and how they would support us and also having the teammates I have,” said Billingsley.

Michael’s cousin Jace Billingsley has served as his biggest inspiration. Being cousins they grew up together, played sports together, and are very close.

“My cousin Jace is my biggest inspiration, he has been my best friend forever and has always been my wrestling partner since we were little. He pushed me through all of these years,” said Billingsley.

Outside of sports and school, Micheal enjoys doing many things.

“I like hanging out with my friends, going to the lake, wakeboarding, fishing, and being outdoors,” said Billingsley.

With Michael leaving Lowry and going off to wrestle for the United States Air Force Academy, he has advised not only current Lowry athletes but future Lowry athletes as well.

“Don’t take anything for granted, and make sure you give every sport 100% because it goes by fast and you will regret not giving it everything you got,” finished Billingsley.