Hard work pays off for Drake

Hard work pays off for Drake

By Justin Albright Posted May 29, 2013

Lowry athletes are some of the most successful student-athletes in all of Nevada, however, despite all of the successes in sports, Lowry doesn’t get too many athletes going to the ultimate level of Division 1A sports at the collegiate level.

Michael Drake has achieved this goal of climbing that ladder onto Division 1 spots, as Drake is trading in his blue and gold uniform for the black and orange of the Oregon State Beavers.

“Oregon State has always been my number one pick in schools since I was a sophomore, and just for all this to happen, being accepted to the school and the whole tryout process and making the team was just awesome,” said Drake.

Drake didn’t plan on being a cheerleader until his sophomore year, since he originally played basketball and many other sports.
“I just wanted to try something different, and it looked really fun,” said Drake.

As Drake was growing up, he never really thought about cheering, because he mainly played basketball, football, and also had a love for rodeo.
“When I was younger, I loved Rodeo and my biggest dream was to be in the PBR,” said Drake.

Cheering is Drake’s true passion, but while he’s away from cheering, there are quite a few things he enjoys doing, but he doesn’t drift too far away from his passion.

“I like to lift weights, eat and just think about cheer,” said Drake.