Band, Pierced, brings rock ‘n roll to their church, school, and community

Band, Pierced, brings rock ‘n roll to their church, school, and community

By Stephanie Hageman Posted: February 18, 2009

If you could form your own band what would be its purpose?

About six months ago local Eddie Dimock helped several Lowry students attending his church form a band.

They call themselves Pierced, and perform Christian rock music at their church, Grass Valley Baptist, and at community events. The group’s band name refers to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and exemplifies the importance their Christian faith has to the band. The band’s members include sophomore Niko Tarr, junior Robyn Wadleigh, senior Lauren Dimock, and Lowry graduate Tommy Rushing. Each member has a strong love for their faith and their church.

Pierced began performing at their church on Sundays and Tuesdays and were widely accepted by their church and their peers. “Tuesday worship turned into something that changed all of our lives and other peoples’ lives around us,” said Tarr.

Wadleigh said the band was formed “to see where it takes us and to help our community.” Pierced does not currently have any sponsorship, but the band does accept donations and help from parents and church members.

“The songs we play are all very upbeat Christian songs,” said Wadleigh. Pierced also plays at fundraisers like Relay for Life and the Cinderella Pageant. The band will be performing a benefit concert for 13-month-old Mykenzie McMaster, who has been diagnosed with Hurler’s Syndrome and is undergoing treatment that may save her life. The money raised at these events goes directly to the cause.

When Pierced plays a normal concert, the money goes toward their church’s youth group, or toward band equipment. Pierced will be holding a concert in March. Pierced merchandise will be available for purchase, and proceeds will go toward making a demo CD.

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