Art Club is community-oriented

Art Club is community-oriented

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted: February 18, 2009

Community service projects, art shows, workshops, murals, school improvement projects, with all these activities the Lowry High School Art Club should be overwhelmed, but the club is thriving. The Art Club has progressed from the emerging stages it was once into the chaotic state it is in now. With three large projects currently underway, Art Club is busier than ever.

Andy Anderson, the Art Club’s advisor, has been leading the Art Club since he brought the program back in 2007. “There was an Art Club before, but it died out a few years before I came. I didn’t really establish the Art Club, I just brought it back from the dead,” Anderson stated.

Participation in Art Club has also grown dramatically since Anderson came on board. In the three years since it has been reestablished, Art Club has gone from having dwindling numbers to almost thirty members.

Upcoming projects include a large, two wall mural in the Career Technology building and an Art and Career Technology Showcase on May 28. Anderson describes the planned showcase as “a combination of the art department and the career tech department showcasing all their work and student talent.”

Katy Granath, art club president, stated, “We are definitely community-oriented. We are really, really active.” The annual County Student Art Show, which the Art Club is involved in, will take place this spring.

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