Book Review: ‘13 Reasons Why’

Book Review: ‘13 Reasons Why’

By Mary Granath Posted June 3, 2009

Author Jay Asher presents a disturbing portrayal of a young girl struggling to cling on to the remaining fragments of her life in his premier novel “13 Reasons Why”.

However, by the time you begin the story, it’s too late for Hannah Baker. Instead, you see Hannah’s life slip away through a series of tapes passed along to seemingly random people, that have a horrifying connection. Hannah is determined to leave behind a clean slate and expose all her well-kept secrets- even if they aren’t hers to tell.

The ninth person to receive the tapes is Clay Jensen. Through Clay’s eyes the story of Hannah’s death begins to unfold, showcasing every moment that led to her demise.

Throughout the book, you can feel Clay’s guilty conscience emitting from the pages almost as clearly as Clay can feel Hannah’s desperation emanating from his stereo.

Asher writes in such a way that the reader is soon not only sympathizing but empathizing with his characters. By the end of the book, you will experience the very same loss that Clay Jensen does, making you appreciate your life and friends in a completely new light.

An accurate depiction of the torment high school can inflict, the agony of an undeserved reputation, and the effect that a single moment can have on your life, this book is a forbidden fruit that you won’t be able to resist.

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