Lowry senior, Brandon Connell hosts guitar recital

Lowry senior, Brandon Connell hosts guitar recital

By Amy Balagna Posted June 3, 2009

Senior Brandon Connell, an accomplished musician, held his last guitar recital on May 27.

He has taught numerous students over a five year period. His love of guitar naturally transitioned into teaching. “I love sharing my love of music with people but it took a while before people thought I was a decent teacher,” said Connell. As well as guitar, Brandon teaches piano and banjo. “I don’t discriminate against any instruments, I love them all,” said Connell. Connell’s favorite instrument is the guitar which he has been playing since the age of eleven.

Brandon Connell plays Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. /Amy Balagna • The Brand
Brandon Connell plays Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. /Amy Balagna • The Brand

The recital was held in the Lowry auditorium. It consisted of students: Colton Neary, Jacob Welty, Jacob Carver, Riata Kull, Nick Carver, Rhys Neary, Anita Carver, Sawyer Woolever, Ross Woolever, Tristen Waller, Torrey Herrera, Kinzie McClintick, Michael Drake, and Ivan Ramirez. The show concluded with a performance by Brandon Connell. “Riata had an amazing performance, Michael did too,” said Connell.

The sound equipment was provided by Lowry music teacher Mr. Criddle. “Mr. Criddle is really responsible for the whole evening, he’s the man behind the scenes,” said Connell, “I would also like to thank my parents for supporting my teaching all these years.”

Connell played Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and sang along with many of his students. “I always take it as an honor when students ask me to play with them; I sang with Kinzie and Ross and was actually intimidated, both are really dedicated students,” said Connell.

“Music has really influenced my life in a positive way, it can show a more down to earth view, and above all it makes people happy,” said Connell. He hopes to major in human biology and minor in music at BYU.

“Music will never leave my life, I’ll be committed until the day I die,” said Connell, “I’m not trying to be a rockstar, I just love playing guitar,” he added.

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