Brandon Wills: Student of the Week

Brandon Wills: Student of the Week

By Natalie Pacheco and Destiny Medicine Cloud

Brandon Wills, a freshman student at Lowry High School, shows hard work and brings a great attitude to the school.

Mr. Calvin Connors, the health teacher, said many kind things about Wills, making sure to include his strong work ethic. Wills takes pride in all of his classes, and never gives up when he is stuck.

“He shows a lot of hard work,” said Connors. “He has enough confidence to ask those questions and make sure he gets his answers right.”

Such a trait makes it easy for other students in Wills’ class to understand the topic at hand.

When making mistakes in class Wills never gives up and tries again.

“Mistakes are the pathway to success in my eyes, the more you mess up, the more you’ll learn from those mistakes,” said Wills.

Wills claims that Health is his favorite because, “Health provides insights and information for self-preservation, and the health teacher is cool.”

Outside of school Wills loves to draw and play video games in his free time.

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