Student of the Week: Grant Hill

Student of the Week: Grant Hill

By Irydiana Ramirez and Emily Valdez Posted September 29, 2021

Mrs. Jennifer Montero, a CTE teacher at Lowry chose Grant Hill as one of her students who has stood out this week. 

Montero appreciates how Hill comes to class to work and to be considerate of other students as well.

“Grant Hill who is in one of my diesel classes…he comes in and works and helps other students out,” said Montero.

Grant enjoys being able to do hands-on learning in his CTE classes, as he can be able to move around and physically do things rather than regular classroom activities.

“I like that it’s all hands on you know, you’re not stuck in a classroom,” said Hill. “I think I learn better with it because I actually physically experience it.”

Hill is also a senior this year at Lowry, he is still unsure of what he wants to do after high school.

“It’s nerve-wracking, I’m not sure of what I want to do yet,” said Hill.  

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