Buckaroo Round-Up

Buckaroo Round-Up

By Kaity Sample, Posted April 16, 2014

What grade are you in?
Jacob Aitken: I’m a senior.
Makenzie Schomer: I’m in the tenth grade.
Larry Littrell: Sadly, I’m a freshman.

Do you play any sports? If so, what?
JA: no, I hurt my knee during freshman football and to this day I am still having trouble with it.
MS: I used to play softball.
LL: No, they aren’t for me.

What do you like the most about Lowry?
JA: I’d have to say the amount of school spirit everyone has.
MS: My favorite thing is the bell because that means I can go home

LL: I like the people and the environment. It’s a welcoming place.
The worst?
JA: The new schedule is definitely a drag. Last year’s was so much better.
MS: I don’t like all the dramatic people.
LL: The teachers. They shouldn’t be called that if they don’t actually teach us.

Do you partake in any clubs?
JA: I’m not really into clubs.
MS: No, I’m too cool for clubs.
LL: No, but I’m in choir and I like it a lot.

Do you have plans for after high school?
JA: My goal is to become a licensed paramedic, and when I turn of age join the D.E.A.
MS: I’ll go to college and major in something super awesome.
LL: Yeah, I want to go to Great Basin for a few years then transfer to a bigger college.

If you were a candy what type of candy would you be? Why?
JA: Sour Patch Kids. They fit my personality. Sour then sweet.
MS: Whatchamacallit because there are no other words to describe me.
LL: Starburst because they are juicy and delicious.