Social Advantages

By Karen Esparza Posted April 16, 2014

Lowry is known for being fair and just to all its students. The school always has the students’ best interests at heart when they impose new rules, such as our beautiful and effective gates. It is truly preposterous to suggest that any type of favoritism takes place in our hallowed hallways. This even playing field is true for the rest of the world as well; you will never witness or experience any type of discrimination in your lifetime. The world is a place of equal opportunity and its countries are free of any and all corruption.

Many naïve people believe that certain individuals are given privileges over others solely due to their beauty. This is not factual at all, when you see a pretty girl breaking the dress code, she is bound to get in the same amount of trouble as anyone else. Women have never played their looks to their advantage especially when it comes to traffic transgressions. All those tall tales of college students canoodling with professors to obtain a better grade are nothing but poppycock.

So just remember in this world you will more often than not have everything handed to you just for being you. It doesn’t matter who your family is, where your connections lie, or how close your face is to the golden ratio. The opportunities you are given will be entirely based on your range of abilities and experience. So don’t get down on yourself if someone else gets the job of your dreams, that individual wearing those 8-inch heels, a low-cut shirt, and a face plastered in makeup from Sephora is no doubt more qualified than you for that job.