Cross Country competes at Elko Invitational

Cross Country competes at Elko Invitational

By Jolyn Garcia Posted September 14, 2012

Last week was the beginning of a long season for some of Lowry High’s toughest athletes.

Cross country has been training since mid-July to prepare for their challenging season. The first invitational was held in Elko, with five other teams competing. All of the athletes that had ten practices were able to attend this meeting.

The first meeting is a baseline for the runners. The 3.2-mile long course was not too difficult for Harley Baker who completed the race in 20 minutes. Soon after he completed the race, Ritchie Bleck finished in 21 minutes.

Bleck enjoys cross country because “all other sports are just games.”

Senior Riata Kull said, “it’s [cross country] a personal challenge for how hard it is.”

The Buckaroos have many young first-time runners. Coach Dawn Lucas is proud of her team so far.

“The race was a success for all that finished. We do have some improving to do, but it was a tough race,” said Lucas.

The leaders in numbers are also the team leaders. Senior Yoana Chavez and juniors Ritchie Bleck and Harley Baker are the team captains.

These runners will be competing again this Friday at Whittel. This course is not only a full 5K, but features a creek-crossing that is waist-deep for the average runner.