Dennis recognized for his effort and dedication

Dennis recognized for his effort and dedication

By Olivia Espinola

Dennis’s athletic journey with wrestling and baseball is an ongoing commitment. Coaches have seen his improvement and growth over the years. Baseball coach Pachi Bengochea and wrestling coach Brant Corak have some insight into how Dennis is as an athlete. 

Bengochea thinks that Dennis is a hard-working kid who seems to be very competitive during baseball over the years.

“Brayden is a great kid,” said Bengochea. “He’s hard on himself because he’s a competitor.” 

Dennis is said to be a very coachable and very teachable athlete. 

“Our eyes were quickly opened that he is a natural athlete and a very coachable young man,” said Corak. 

Coming into high school athletes aren’t expected to be the best so coaches aren’t sure what to expect from kids but Dennis sure did seem to know how things are done.

 “As a first-year high school wrestler we weren’t sure what to expect, our eyes were quickly opened that he is a natural athlete and a very coachable young man,” said Corak.

Dennis has huge goals that the coaches want him to achieve this season.

“We are expecting big things from Brayden during the upcoming season,” said Corak.

During baseball, Dennis is also very competitive, a hard worker, and expects a lot from himself. 

“He expects to win and wants to be the best he can,” said Bengochea.

Dennis is a leader but isn’t a vocal leader.

“He’s a quiet kid, he’s one of those leaders that leads by example,” said Bengochea.

Dennis feels like he has accomplished a lot during his years of sports.

“It feels great to see people notice the improvement and the difference between my first and most recent years,” said Dennis.

Deciding to do two different sports can be a hard thing to do but Dennis picked two with well-thought-out plans.

“I picked baseball because I’ve been doing since it’s I was five and it gave me a hobby that I enjoyed and was good at,” said Dennis.”I picked wrestling because I wanted to learn to overcome mental and physical blocks, and I loved seeing improvement which I always saw in wrestling.”

Dennis sees growth and is excited during his seasons.

“I’m super proud about my growth in wrestling, and baseball because it actually makes the sport fun when you are winning more especially once the postseason starts coming around,” said Dennis.

Dennis is a kid with the mindset that you are young and only in high school for such a little time and that you should try doing something new.

“There isn’t any risk in trying something new so if you’re on the fence about it just do it. You’re only in high school for so long,” said Dennis.