Freshman volleyball season wraps up

Freshman volleyball season wraps up

By Raegan Terry 

The freshman volleyball season brought the girls a huge learning experience and a great season.

Alana Deputy most importantly loved her season because of her team and her coach.

“I loved playing with everyone and we had an amazing coach, I wish the season was longer,” said Deputy.

As the season took up a lot of time for the girls, it led them to learn a lot.

Tessa Jenkins learned that to improve you are the only person to make the change to make you and your team better.

“The most valuable thing I learned was that no one can improve you except yourself, if you want to see a change you need to make the change,” said Jenkins. “You can’t change what happens on the court but you can work your hardest to improve and take what you get and be a leader.” 

Julissa Zaragoza-Mendoza added to this idea as she learned more improved skills for herself and her team. 

Alana Deputy passes the ball. /Keira Garner • The Brand
Alana Deputy passes the ball. /Keira Garner • The Brand

“The most valuable thing that I learned this season was how to play better and to play as a team,” said Zaragoza-Mendoza. 

The freshman volleyball team built so many memories on and off the court. 

“When we would scrimmage JV because it felt like we had the most fun and weren’t focused on winning and we worked well as a team during them,” said Deputy.

Every season is unique and has its challenges.

“Overall the season was so much fun and our team came a long way, the season had its ups and downs of course like all do, but it was so much fun and I learned lots,” said Jenkins.

Tawyna Root, the head coach for freshmen loved her season and her girls as there was never a boring moment. 

“My favorite memory of this season was all the laughs that we had,” said Root. “There were many fun and funny moments throughout the season and the awesome personalities and sometimes goofiness of the girls led to a lot of laughter and a lot of moments to laugh at.”