Do’s and Don’ts

By Tanner Lecumberry Posted June 4, 2014

Do celebrate the fact that you’re almost not a freshman.
Don’t try to get senior friends. They will leave, and you will have no friends.
Do something worth your time. Don’t just ease through high school.
Don’t drive like an idiot. Seriously. Stop.
Do apply for scholarships now. You won’t regret it.
Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate. Soon, the school is yours.
Do go HAM in college.
Don’t let the man get you down.
Do let anyone and everyone know that they’re still in high school and you’re a free bird.
Don’t think it’s over though; we’re only eighteen years old.
Do celebrate like a wild animal.
Don’t turn down for anything!
Do something crazy at graduation, like a backflip. Parents love backflips.
Don’t actually get hurt though. That’s easily the most embarrassing thing ever.
Do go out and meet new people this summer.
Don’t forget where you come from.
Do try something new, because who knows, squid could be good…
Don’t let anyone tell you no.
Do tell everyone else no though, because you’re the BOSS.
Don’t forget about Lowry on your way to your dreams.
Do your best at everything. Who knows? Everyone starts somewhere. We can all be great.
Don’t do anything besides what you want, because life is too short.