Career based classes

By Aimee Brandon Posted June 4, 2014

Students should begin considering their future careers when registering for high school classes.

For certain jobs, you may not need a background in calculus or even geometry or knowledge of advanced sciences. The classes you take in high school and how many classes you take each year should be based on your career choice.

There are trade schools, vocational schools, and career schools that all provide an education based on a career path. At this point, in public schools, there isn’t a whole lot of focus on careers in high school, the focus on a career comes in college, if not until year four of college. High schools should make more of a focus on the career students are seeking to go into.

High schools should give two specific options, to prepare for work directly after high school or to prepare for college. Not everyone wants to go to college and there are many fields of work you can go into without a college diploma. Despite this, college often seems like the only option when there are an infinite number of options if you use your brain in high school. Students should consider their options prior to freshman year, possibly even before eighth grade because that is when there becomes a divide between advanced classes and average classes.

It is true that in Reno and Las Vegas, there are tech schools that would give an education based on a specific career, but few students have the opportunity to attend those schools. In addition, a family in Winnemucca most likely isn’t going to move so one of their kids can get ahead in their career. At Lowry there are options for welding classes, students can, through those classes, gain a lot of experience, but that is one field. Students deserve more options and do not have to waste their lives on classes they will not use in the career they wish to pursue.

High schools should talk to students more about how high school will affect their future and help them make a plan of what classes they can take to fulfill their goals.