That’s so College

By Taylor LaTray Posted June 4, 2014

College is something to look forward to as soon as an individual gets irritated with their parents or becomes overwhelmingly independent. It’s a chance to live and learn; to make your own decisions and to fully develop into the person you will be. Although you will also constantly be reminded of the importance of taking college seriously, after all, your future depends on it.

The level of independence in teens is higher than ever. They will have to learn to maintain a life of balance because being able to balance fun and academics will be crucial in college. You will be faced with numerous opportunities to go out and have fun attending college gatherings and your parents will no longer be there to monitor your decisions. Those decisions largely impact your future and the ability to make the correct decisions will be key.

In college, an individual reaches the ultimate test of their ability to multi-task, procrastinate, and keep their priorities straight. There are no more obligations to clean your room, to be home at a certain time, or to be kind to certain individuals. You are able to choose your friends, and you have a large variety to choose from. With so many decisions, and overwhelming freedom to make these decisions, it is time to learn how to act like an adult and to develop self-discipline. With that being said, if you play your cards right in college, it will be the best time of your life.

You have to embrace all that college life has to offer and learn to interact with the best of them. It’s up to you whether or not you will have a front-row seat to the best show of your life.