End of the Year Assembly a success

End of the Year Assembly a success

By Mary Granath Posted June 2, 2010

The end of the year assembly was a huge success. The assembly started off with Mr. Byron Jeppsen, the athletic director, recognizing sports teams and individuals who had won state and zone titles.

Lowry then said a bittersweet farewell to two teachers who would be retiring: Mr. Steve Sans and Mr. Doug Connor, and two teachers who would be leaving: Mrs. Miranda Santos and Valerie Snijman. Superintendent Mr. Mike Bumgartener read aloud sentimental statements that students and written about Sans and Connor. These two teachers will always be remembered at Lowry for inspiring learning and touching the lives of many students.

Sans and Connor were given plaques honoring their years of service and Santos and Snijman were given flowers. The class presidents then participated in a competition to see which class had won the class of the year. They tied bandanas around their head and blew up inflatable rock guitars then raced to retrieve the envelope with their point total.

Seniors won the class of the year and celebrated with a “seniors” chant and the waving of their class banner.

The assembly closed with the end of the year slideshow put together by Winnada.

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