Lowry hosts the second annual Art and CTE showcase for public

Lowry hosts the second annual Art and CTE showcase for public

By Miranda Buttram Posted June 2, 2010

On May 27, the 2nd annual Art and CTE showcase was held at Lowry High School from 6 to 8 p.m. Student artworks were hung throughout the art building, while demos such as ceramics and portrait drawing were occurring.

In the art building art from Mrs. Courtney Rorex, Mr. Andrew Anderson, and Ms. Irene Kottke’s students was on display. In addition, the greenhouse was open and selling plants to the public, and woodwork and metalwork was on display in the Career Technology building. Art Club members, FFA members and other students helped work during the show, doing everything from setting up, cleaning up, and watching the students’ art.

The rain storms didn’t discourage the art students from working on and fixing their chalk art. Seniors Rebecca Monroe and Chris Hansen worked during the showcase to fix their own sidewalk chalk.

Carlos Esparza and Shelby Wells./Miranda Buttram • The Brand
Carlos Esparza and Shelby Wells./Miranda Buttram • The Brand

“We had high aspirations for the project, for what it would look like, we wanted to see it completed,” said Rebecca Monroe.

In the Career Technology building, projects from Mr. Luca Bernardi’s classes were on display. They ranged from entertainment centers to playhouses for children. Many of the items were also available for sale.

FFA members were selling plants that they had grown in the school’s greenhouse under the supervision of Mrs. Rebecca Hill. Students also use the greenhouse to grow plants native to the desert.

Mr. Cory Coles’s welding students also had their projects on display. Some items, such as trailers, took months for the students to complete.
Students were also doing demonstrations for the public. In Rorex’s room, Jordan Doyle and Jaren Cornwall, two ceramic students, were throwing pots on the wheel, while others painted their projects, inspired by the artist Peter Max. Students such as Mariah Johnson and Eric Orlando were working on their own graphic design projects during the showcase too.

Outside Carlos Esparza and Shelby Wells were oil painting while Cheyenne Stillwell used chalk pastels to depict a scene of mountains. When asked why he chose to oil paint at the showcase, Esparza said, “Why did I choose to oil paint? That’s like asking the Pope why he’s Catholic.”

“It’s great,” Brendan Kilcourse said about the showcase, “It’s a lot of fun we have some good art here, and I’m enjoying it. There seems to be a lot more this year and the student demonstrations have been pretty good. My favorite part of the showcase would have to be the demos. It’s cool, you get to watch them and how they do it.”

People’s favorite part varied from the demos as Kilcourse said to the drawings which Tyler Cooper enjoyed.

“I like all the drawings, the regular drawings, like there was an Avatar picture, and all the self-portraits,” said Cooper.

Building Trades’ projects./Miranda Buttram • The Brand
Building Trades’ projects./Miranda Buttram • The Brand

Anderson also thought this year’s showcase was a hit. When asked why they created the showcase he said, “There was a lot of artwork going home that was never getting seen. The showcase allowed us to display more artworks.”

With the dozens of people who came to view the artwork, the purpose of the showcase was reached. More high school artwork was shown than was capable during student art month.

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