Landfill continues to be an issue

Landfill continues to be an issue

By Mary Granath Posted June 2, 2010

After months of disagreement and dispute, it seems the local issue of whether or not to place a garbage dump in Winnemucca is beginning to come to a close. County Commissioners voted to stop the attempt to build the facility on April 5. County Commissioner Tom Fransway told the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) that he was “very pleased with the outcome.”

Recology’s plan for the landfill was to dump 4,000 tons of garbage per day, five days a week, for 95 years. According to the LVRJ Senator Harry Reid said that the landfill would be a danger to Nevada’s “sovereignty and dignity” he also stated, “The people of Humboldt County have made it clear they don’t want other states dumping trash in their backyards, and I applaud their decision.”

However, Recology spokesman Adam Alberti told the LVRJ the “commission decision could cost the region up to $660 million dollars and new jobs.”

In a recent statement, Nevadans Against Garbage (NAG) said, “NAG is very focused on the health and safety of our community. Recology has publicly stated they are looking at a landfill in Nevada because…the environmental and permitting regulations are ‘easier’ and ‘less expensive’ than in California.”

Recology continues to try and obtain permits for the landfill however it seems as though this issue will be fought by the County Commissioners.

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