February 2009 Students of the Month

February 2009 Students of the Month

By Alta Smith Posted March 2, 2009

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

We have four remarkable students who were chosen as Student of the Month for February! Our freshman recipient is Alex Nimmick, nominated by Mrs. Dawson. His teachers say that he is always a pleasure to have in class. He is a very dependable, friendly, and kind student. He always has a positive attitude about school and is a positive role model for those around him. Way to go for your first year of high school Alex!

Our Sophomore recipient is Marilyn Sandoval, who was nominated by Mrs. Millikan. Marilyn exemplifies the quality of leadership and serves as a role model to young people both at school and in the community. Mrs. Millikan says that Marilyn has stepped up and has been a leader in PE. She makes sure the instructions are followed and she sets the example for the rest of the class. Great job on stepping up Marilyn!

Next, we have Brandon Eldodt who is our Junior recipient. He was nominated by Mrs. James. Brandon has a positive attitude, displays emotional stability, and exhibits self-control. Mrs. James says that Brandon is a wonderful student who models excellent behavior in the classroom at all times. He has demonstrated excellent creativity throughout the year but especially during transcendental poetry writing. Outstanding work Brandon!

Our Senior recipient is Nate Shearer, who was nominated by Mrs. Killion. Nate sets a great example for academic achievement in the classroom. Nate also sets a positive example in what he says, what he does, and in his appearance. Mrs. Killion especially appreciates that Nate helps out when the classroom floods. Way wrap up your time at Lowry Nate!

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