Freshman girl’s basketball starts the season off on good note

Freshman girl’s basketball starts the season off on good note

By Raegan Terry

Already a week in freshman girls have high hopes for their basketball season.

Coach Larry Renteria has a bright outlook toward the girl’s season.

“I am excited about the season,” said Renteria. “We have a good group that has a lot of potential. The season will present challenges, but the girls seem eager to embrace the season, learn, and get started.”

Since this is her first season, Elyza Sirotek wants to improve more.

“I’m most excited to play and become more improved,” said Sirotek.

Sirotek’s main goal for this season is to have a good journey to look upon.

Even though it is just the beginning of the season, the whole team is working together to get to know and support each other to make a strong bond.

“I believe that if we put a lot of effort in we’ll turn out just fine,” said Amaia Brady-Keele.

Ava Swensen had a bigger vision for her team and believed in them.

“I think our team overall will do well because we all have different skills and a mix of skills that everyone brings,” said Swensen.

Renteria believes that the team will now start to develop and become stronger as they finish up their first week.

“Now that we have a week of practice under our belt and have gotten to know each other, we can start to grow as individuals and as a team,” said Renteria.

Roster: Ava Swensen, Maribell Urtiz, Elizabeth Hewitt, Hailee Gibson, Yizel Martinez, Josie Jenkins, Tessa Jenkins, Averie Burt, Amaia Brady-Keele, Raegan Terry, Briana Sanchez, Mackenzie Bishop and Elyza Sirotek.