Heard in the halls

By Dani Ricker Posted October 16, 2013

How many people have been walking down the halls and heard something so incredibly random and/or ridiculous that you just have to stop and wonder, “why such a thing was said out loud?”

Well, whether you admit it or not, we all know it happens. So I’m here to share some of the best stuff I’ve heard within the past week or so.
Let’s start off with the young man walking out of the art building announcing, “I’m in love with Mr. Beck.” This young man had just learned that Mr. Beck shared a love of a television show. Yikes man, it’s just a show.

Now we’ve all seen the kids walking down the halls wearing the tails. One young lady told me, “Oh yeah, everybody’s wearing them, it’s the new thing.” I’m sorry, but no, it’s not. And even if it is the ‘new thing’, you will never see me wear a tail. But hey, that’s just me. Also, Justin told me he saw a girl get her tail stuck in the bathroom door. That should not happen. That should just not happen.

Next comes the dude running down the hallway yelling, “I’m never cold! I’m warm-blooded!” News flash; all humans are, and I’m always cold.
Oh! and one of my favorites, “What if ducks had wings!” …. Your parents must be so proud.

“I don’t run. If you see me running you should probably start running too. ‘Merica’.

Speaking of America, how many people know who the first person to land on the moon was? Well, a certain student thinks that not only does America own the moon, but the first people to land on the moon were the Vikings. I just face-palmed so hard, my forehead hurts.

Why do people keep telling other people to take a lap? This is school, not football practice. Why don’t you go read a book?

“Jeggings are not pants, dang it!” Umm, yes, yes they are. “They’re spandex!” No, they’re a combination of spandex and denim. There is less spandex in jeggings than in yoga pants, and no one complains about those. Besides, anything you wear on your legs belongs to the pants family. Case closed!

Thanks to social media, and Miley Cyrus, twerking has become a thing. And because of this, I had to listen to a group of freshman girls yelling, “OMG I wish I could twerk! Like oh my gosh guys!” walking to third hour. So for anyone else who has also found themselves longing to learn how to twerk, here’s a tip; don’t. You can thank me later. Seriously though, this whole situation has gotten out of control. Remember Jr. High when the only way to dance was to jump up and down and fist pump? Those were the days, man.

Speaking of twerking, “My Rice Crispy treat is twerking.” Why girl, why? Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? And while we’re on the food subject, let’s talk about the girl sitting next to me, “Fruit roll-ups are like fruit pancakes.” I prefer real pancakes with some strawberries on top, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

These are some of the things I heard while walking through the halls. I found myself wondering whether to laugh or find seek help for some of these people. This is why you should always think before you speak because you never know who’s listening. Or what could end up in the paper? But don’t be embarrassed, only you know who you are.

Everyone has heard the quote, “Dance as if no one is watching,” right? well, I’d like to end this by saying “Talk as if no one is listening.” So keep talking at the top of your lungs, and saying ridiculous stuff. I love a good laugh in the morning.