Tanner Talks

By Tanner Lecumberry & Tanner Ames Posted October 16, 2013

*For the purpose of differentiation, Tanner Ames will be known from now on as Derek*

Tanner: The Brain named itself. Imagine naming yourself. Obviously, Derek never had that opportunity. I’m not sure he likes it. Oh well.

Derek: Truthfully, I like the way others named me. I liked Levi best though (Shhhh, don’t tell Espy).

Tanner: I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of wasps is. At least bees pollinate things. Do wasps help the environment? No, they don’t. They are stone-cold killers. Watch your back out there.

Derek: I have bad experiences with wasps; they all just need to disappear off of the face of the Earth.

Tanner: Another fun fact, cats actually do NOT have nine lives. I’m only speaking from personal experience here.

Derek: Oh yeah! Only cartoon cats have nine lives. Lucky cartoons.

Tanner: Am I the only one who likes the idea of Buddha? Seems like a swell guy. I’d like to go to India someday. Where would you want to go, Derek?

Derek: I want to go to the Himalayas and live with the Yetis.

Tanner: Derek?

Derek: Yes?

Tanner: We’re homies, right?

Derek: Of course not…. Ha-ha just kidding!

Tanner: Yeah I thought so.

Derek: That’s just another one of my famous pranks. Obviously, I’m not too great with jokes.

Tanner: So anyway I think I was wrong about cats. I mean how many tabbies could I really hit in one week? This guy must be cheating death. Kudos, brother.

Derek: I think that the assumption that cats have nine lives comes from their ability to take damage. They do know how to take a beating.

Tanner: Got anything for me, Derek?

Derek: No not really, I’m good with what we’ve got here.

Tanner: You know, I’d love to converse, but I think our time is up.

Derek: Farewell Lowry students!