Drama’s final performance of ‘Dracula’ tonight

By Karen Esparza Posted October 16, 2013

This year Lowry Drama and Stagecraft is mounting a production starring none other than history’s most notorious vampire, Dracula. Putting a playful twist on the classic dark tale, Lowry Drama has transformed this quite frankly morbid story into a hilarious comedy, which senior, Maeve Donavon describes as “The best thing ever!”

As a seasoned performer, Donovan portrays a character loosely based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who is the heroine of the play and performs many intense action scenes throughout the production. Her character is a modern-day Van Helsing and is equipped with a variety of weapons to bring down the heinous Dracula.

First-year drama student, Tanner Lecumberry spoke about gaining an enormous amount of acting experience in this play.

“If anyone ever needs someone who can act like they’re being killed then I’m your man,” said Lecumberry.

Lecumberry characterizes various roles in the play, each of which meets an unfortunate death. Nonetheless, Lecumberry gives it his all each time.

Director and producer Corrine James assures that everything is going “most excellent” and that the cast is prepared to put on a magical performance. The drama students are extremely confident in their skills to deliver an exhilarating show; Shana Armstrong is convinced that the show is “near perfection”.

Lowry Stagecraft is also hard at work preparing stage decorations and incredible costumes for the montage of colorful characters. The sets created by Stagecraft definitely wrap it all together into a perfect package. The amount of detail and effort is evident as both the performers and the people backstage are the best Lowry can offer.

“Dracula” is guaranteed to be a hit so remember to head over to the auditorium tonight at 6 p.m. and catch their final performance.