High school isn’t real life

High school isn’t real life

By Taylor LaTray Posted May 29, 2013

A high school relationship is a disaster in the making. Unless the two persons involved in the relationship are mature, trustworthy, and devoted; the relationship will quickly fall apart and potentially scar one or both persons involved.

In most cases, a high school relationship gives an inaccurate experience of how most real relationships can be. In high school, you experience disloyalty and drama more often than adults. Drama is a killer, and although you may think you’re happy, I can almost ensure there is someone somewhere who will make you happier. You should not feel as if you must devote yourself to this high school companion, just because you’re lonely, or whatever the reasons may be.

In high school, many adolescents meet their first love, and they feel like they must make it work with this person. In reality, they’re changing their own course of life to meet the other person’s in hopes to make a future together. These adolescents never experience the real world or other people, they settle. Not only do they settle, but the two feel they must mesh with each other and their dreams, their goals begin to diminish, and rather than wanting to continue with their passion in life, now want to be together over all else.

High school relationships are about settling with unhappiness. Not that all high school relationships are filled with disloyalty and discontent, some may honestly be perfect. Whether or not your relationship seems ‘perfect” to you, you still have so much more to experience and there is more to life than just high school.

However, in order to know what real love is, people must look outside of high school to meet people from different areas, then they may find their true soul mate. If you truly wish to experience all that life has to offer you will move on from your high school experiences and meet new people and take part in more experiences. Once you take advantage of the life you will be fully at ease and able to settle down with your one true sweetheart that you may stumble across on your journey. Or maybe your love will be that one high school romance, but, you will never sincerely know unless you first let go and experience more in life.