Homecoming 2008

Homecoming 2008

By Elizabeth Aguilar Posted October 24, 2008

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

This year’s homecoming was very successful. It started on October 13 and ended on Saturday the 18th. There were old traditions such as dress-up days, assemblies, and powder-puff football, yet there were also new traditions like pig wrestling. Overall, the week was enjoyable.

Travis Sadler shows his spirit at the Friday’s assembly.

It started off Monday with color war day. Students came in shades of yellow, orange, purple, and green, while teachers dressed up in blue, and some even supported a single class. Monday’s pep assembly was a blast for most. The senior class entered the gym in unity to the song T.N.T by AC/DC and soon afterward the assembly started. Grand Marshall Doug Conner was announced and students were very pleased to see he won. At the end of the day, only one thing was left: He-man volleyball. Much to the dismay of the other classes, the sophomores won.

Tuesday was hobo day which was not as successful as Monday’s dress-up day. Students were seen carrying signs saying things like “the end is near”, “I am a hobo”, and other fun stuff. Some students like Adam Serfoss and Shauna Bunch, went all out and carried shopping carts and plastic bags.

Wednesday was pajama day. In the morning, seniors woke up early to see their last homecoming’s sunrise. Students like Daisy Morfin were quoted as saying “Pajama day was great because we were able to come to school in comfort.” In the afternoon a new event was introduced; pig wrestling! About fifteen teams were formed and fellow students gathered around to see the amusing event. It was very successful for its first year.

Thursday was crazy hair/clash day. As a traditional dress-up day, students had no trouble dressing up. In the afternoon the equally traditional powder-puff football game was played. The game was intense and it ended with a tie between the freshmen/senior team and the sophomore/junior team.

Friday was blue and gold day. Students decked themselves out in their school colors and even some teachers did too. Friday’s assembly was a little different than most when teachers started dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. There was also a parade of floats and students enjoyed seeing the different designs. JV football won their game and the varsity game ended 0-55.

On Saturday, Leadership sponsored the annual Homecoming dance. About 450 people attended and all enjoyed a great evening! Our DJ was once again Steve West, and besides showing music videos, our media class provided a DVD with clips from the entire Homecoming week to play at the dance.

Overall, the week was very entertaining. The leadership class thanks everyone who helped out!

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