October 2008 Students of the Month

By Skylar Estes Posted October 27, 2008

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

Student of the Month is an honor at Lowry High. Every other month teachers choose a student that has shown leadership, is a positive role model and has had academic success. This month the students are Ashley Lombardi, Arline Franco, Justin Rice, and Brett Schaffner.

Ashley Lombardi is a freshman and was chosen by Mrs. Pasquale. 

According to Mrs. Pasquale, “Ashley is an outstanding athlete and is gone a lot for school and yet maintains the level of the highest achievement in school work. Her work is done precisely and she is a true leader in her class. Her positive attitude makes every day a joy.” 

Ashley has shown outstanding character and was recognized for it as this month’s freshmen student of the month.

The sophomore student of the month is Arline Franco. She has a positive attitude and serves as a role model for others. 

Mr. Gibson nominated her and said, “Arline works hard and takes important things seriously while keeping a friendly smile and demeanor.”

Justin Rice, the junior student of the month, was chosen by Mrs. Dawson. Mrs. Dawson said, “Justin is a great kid and a wonderful student. He is always positive and has the ability to bring laughter into the classroom.” 

Justin is also a hard worker and a positive example indeed and appearance to become a student of the month.

Our last student of the month is Brett Schaffner. He was nominated by Mrs. Godinez. Mrs. Godinez’s comments on Brett are, “He goes above and beyond! Super!” 

Brett also was nominated because he has a positive attitude and shows leadership skills in the school and community.

Each student of the month has shown perfect examples of leadership, positive attitudes, and academic achievement. We congratulate each and every student. Keep up the good work everyone.

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