Jovi Anderson chose as CTE Student of the Week

Jovi Anderson chose as CTE Student of the Week

By Juliana Blatzheim Posted May 4, 2023

Jovi Anderson’s push to improve has landed her as CTE Student of the Week. Mr. Scott chose her simply for being a content hard worker in his Graphic Design class.

“She is always working to get better and happy to be about it,” said Scott.

In Graphic Design, it is important to put in the effort in order to exceed. Anderson recognizes this quality in herself.

“I do my best to learn new things and find ways to improve what I’m doing,” said Anderson.

For Anderson, graphic design is a subject she finds interest in, allowing her to put her full potential into her work, creating designs that are particular to her identity.

“I enjoy being able to put myself into what I’m doing and learn more about designing things online,” said Anderson.

Graphic design can be a form of expression, and as more and more of everything is becoming online, it is a grand subject to exceed in.

“I do my best and pay attention, along with getting my work done on time to keep up and do well in class,” said Anderson.

For all of the effort that Anderson has put into Graphic Design, she is truly deserving of earning CTE Student of the Week.