JV baseball brings improved attitude to new season

JV baseball brings improved attitude to new season

By Keira Garner and Lainey Novacek Posted March 18, 2024

This year’s JV baseball team is looking forward to the season because they didn’t end on the note they wanted last year, the team had a few good moments but overall did not have the season they wanted. All of the players are eager to get out on the field and have a good season.   

“After last year I hope we can improve our playing, and work more diligently as a team,” said sophomore Amador Guzman.

As well as the teammates, the team looks forward to bonding with the coaches. New head coach Mr. Clay Sagers took the position of the new JV head coach after Brent Riemersma became the head varsity coach. 

“Even though I will no longer be coaching after this season, I am looking forward to helping these boys become the players I know they can be,” said Sagers. 

Sophomore Jace Sartor is ready to play and has many goals he hopes to achieve. 

“My goal for the 2024 baseball season is to keep my eye on the ball,” said Sartor. “I strive to be the best player possible.” 

Freshman Tryp Hall is keeping a positive mindset when it comes to how he plays.

“With this being my first year playing for lowry, I just wish to play to the best of my ability,” said Hall.

Landon Odoms agrees with his teammates about having a positive attitude. But being on a team is more than just playing and practicing. For many athletes, the time with teammates is the most rewarding aspect of the sport.

“Traveling and being able to see my friends without having to be at school,” said Odoms about his favorite aspect of being on the JV team.

This is Michael Heikkila first experience with high school baseball.

“It’s good,”  said Heikkila. “I’ve learned more than I have in a long time like the past two years.” 

Eli Lange tags out a Sparks runner. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Eli Lange tags out a Sparks runner. /Ron Espinola • The Brand